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    • Another bump? I was really hoping to judge this one 😢 
    • alright I'm back and I'm willing to debate on aff or neg (I want to finish one tho none of those given up on debates I've seen on here)
    • Extraterrestrial Immigration Affirmative View File update: is free now    Affirmative file that reduces restrictions on extra-terrestrial immigration. File features consist of: ~45 pages All original research Three solvency mechanisms (actual solvency advocates, no memes here) Includes answers/strategy against common topic counter plans Never been read Bonus 1AC version with an Anthropocentric Metaphysics advantage (has been read before)   Extraterrestrial  Immigration 1AC 1AC – Contact Advantage 1AC – Executive Mechanism. 1AC – Congress Mechanism 1AC – Refugee Mechanism Extensions Advantage Ext - UQ+Internal Link Advantage Ext - Impact Exec Mechanism – Other Possible Plans Congress Mechanism – Extension Ev Congress Mechanism – Anthro Add-on Inherency Answers To 2AC – AT: Alternate Actor CP – Add-on Adv 2AC – AT: Parole/Alt Mechanism CPs 2AC – AT: Courts CP ---1AR Ext – AT: Courts CP 2AC – AT: Kritiks – Top Level Aliens Debate AT: Can’t understand Bonus 1AC – Anthropocentric Sovereignty Version Submitter Jean Brodrillard Submitted 03/28/2019 Category Affirmatives and Case Negs  
    • on phone rn, but yeah things came up health wise so I don't have access to my laptop sooooooo ill be up and running next monday
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