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  • Policydb8 was created with the intention of creating a central platform for the Policy Debate Community. This website is not intended to cater to just high school or college debate, but to bridge the community to be more cohesive and collaborative and most importantly, lower the obstacles to success.


    The technological possibilities of a central platform stand to break down the barriers of lack of resources, whether material resources (like coaching, camps, or files) or the immaterial social resources (knowing others in the community, creating high school to college relationships for recruitment). This creates opportunity for high school debaters who have not had the benefit of attending a school with established resources or debating in a circuit that gets attention and creates opportunity for colleges to work more with high schoolers and expand their recruiting base.


    By creating this website, we at Policydb8 have made it our responsibility to maintain this platform, innovate its functionality, and dedicate ourselves to this Community. It is our hope that this project becomes a means of advancing Debate as an activity.


    With love to everyone in this community,


    Colin Dailey


    Rob Glass


    Chris Leonardi


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