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File Author Application

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I. Overview of File Marketplace functions:

The Policydb8 file marketplace is intended as a place for experienced members of the community to offer quality files at a reasonable price to high school debaters. This involves a more hands on approach working with authors. While we will allow open submissions from all approved authors, we will review ideas pitched, files, suggest edits, and suggest (but not mandate) pricing we think is appropriate for increased sales for the author and great value for the customer. We will on occasion post file assignments that are topic or current events appropriate. These files are VOLUNTARY, not accepting any will not reflect on an author’s status. We stand by our commitment to the file marketplace and intend to promote the authors and their files to make it a worthy investment of effort.


II. Conditions for the owners of Policydb8:

A. Review submitted files and provide editing notes, if necessary, in a timely manner; and,

B. Promote all new files posted to the Policydb8 File Marketplace through email newsletters, social media postings, and website updates on a weekly basis; and,

C. Market files through bundle deals with Express consent of participating authors; and,

D. Maintain the capability to automate pay outs of account credit to authors OR be required to do so within 1 week of a request if automation is not available.

E. Owners of Policydb8 may deny an application for any reason deemed necessary, meeting listed application requirements is not an assurance of acceptance.


III. Policydb8 file author applicants agree:

A. They are both above the age of 18 and have graduated from high school; and,

B. They have a substantial background in policy debate; and,

C. Their submitted files will be subject to review and will make appropriate revisions before approved file posting; and,

D. Deadlines for voluntary assignments will be met; and,

E. Deadline extensions for voluntary assignments will be requested at least a day before due date; and,

F. Failing to meet deadlines can result in reassignment to a new author; and,

G. File reassignment bars the original author from posting their work on said project; and,

H. Repeated missed deadlines may result in a removal of the ability to claim assignments; and,

I. Authors are responsible for at least posting a basic overview of the argument and a table of contents for the file with their file listing; and, 

J. Files themselves should remove any and all team-affiliations, this is not applicable for business affiliations; and,

K. Policydb8 will receive a 15% commission of full item price per sale.

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