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Paid Clubs Application

Note: You must register and be signed in to submit an application.


I. Paid clubs overview:

Paid clubs have a variety of positive uses. However, even if well-intentioned, they can be misused and result in an unfair use of money for customers. As such, we consider this part of the site as extremely sensitive and reserve the right to both restrict permissions to create paid clubs and individually review clubs before they are allowed to go live. For now, we are constraining paid clubs to the following categories: online debate camps, online workshops and seminars, and coaching groups. If there is demand for other uses of paid clubs, we will take them into consideration and discuss their possibility.


II. General conditions on paid club permissions:

A. Applying club creators must be at least 18 years old and out of high school;

B. Associated staff with said clubs must be at least 18 years old and be out of high school;

C. Applying club creators must outline their intent for using paid clubs and supply relevant information and materials to legitimate their knowledge and ability in that field;

D. Club creators must demonstrate the basic commitments they will uphold and they will be expected to uphold their commitments;

E. Failure to meet basic commitments club owners outline may result in warning, club deletion, suspension or ban from club creation permissions;

F. When creating new clubs, club creators must demonstrate that they meet basic requirements listed in respective club categories through a private message or email to the owners of Policydb8;

G. Club creators agree that Policydb8 will receive a $10 transaction fee for each paid club entry.


III. General conditions on the owners of Policydb8 in regards to paid clubs:

A. Review club creation requests in a reasonable amount of time, within 24-48 hours;

B. Aid in the promotion of clubs hosted on Policydb8 via articles, email lists, and social media;

C. Maintain the capability to automate pay outs of account credit to authors OR be required to do so within 1 week of a request if automation is not available.

D. Owners of Policydb8 may deny an application for any reason deemed necessary; meeting application requirements is not an assurance of acceptance.


IV. Camps specific conditions:

A. Camp creators must be capable of proving the legitimacy of their camps. They must provide an outline of the camp’s curriculum, scheduled availability for students, and any base material that will be used in their camp;

B. Camps are limited to a 15:1 student:instructor ratio. The online nature of these camps especially requires emphasis on the ability to talk to individual students on a personal level;

C. Camp creators must disclose any associated staff and prove their basic qualifications as listed above;

D.Camps hosted through our paid clubs will receive free advertising benefits via article promotion and access to post in the Camp Promotions forum freely. Be prepared with a brief announcement of your camp, including its argumentative and skills focuses and introductions of yourself and any associated staff;

E. Camp creators must disclose the dates which they plan to operate the camp;

F. Camp creators are expected to maintain consistent individual and group attention based upon defined availability;

G. Failure to effectively manage camps can result in warning, club deletion, suspension of club creation permissions, or ban entirely from club creation permissions.


V. Seminars specific conditions:

A. Seminars are considered a lecture-based format use of the clubs feature that is narrowly focused on a specific skill-set or argument. This is distinct from the more dynamic approach of camps which both have a broader approach to teaching debate and necessitate more individual engagement;

B. Seminar creators must clearly define the scope and purpose of their seminar, provide lecture notes/powerpoints that will be used, and provide any materials that will be used;

C. As this is a lecture-based format, there is no cap imposed on number of students.

D. Failure to effectively manage seminars can result in warning, club deletion, suspension of club creation permissions, or ban entirely from club creation permissions.


VI. Coaching club specific conditions:

A. In comparison to previous club options, we do not expect much in prepared material for working with students;

B. However, aspiring coaches should be forthright with their expected level of commitment. This is important to give us information on how much we should expect from a coach and inform pricing/value for students;

C. Coaching clubs are limited to an 8:1 student/coach ratio. There is a very real concern about coaches filling up their clubs to an unsustainable level, intentionally or not, and being unable to provide effective services;

D. Exceptions may be considered for student limits under particular conditions: high level of commitment to coaching, working solely with an individual school, etc.

E. Failure to effectively manage coaching clubs can result in warning, club deletion, suspension of club creation permissions, or ban entirely from club creation permissions.




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