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Moderator Application

Moderator overview:

The Policydb8 forums are the lifeblood of the site. The entire concept of a platform for community discourse and engagement centers around our forums, as such we see their maintenance a key tenet of our responsibilities as owners. Moderators are considered important proxies that both filter content within forums and also spur and enable effective, organized discussion. This is an important responsibility and one we will examine closely in this foundational opening period of the website.

The owners of Policydb8 agree to the following:

Regular communication with the moderation team to ensure proper site maintenance via member moderation and response to feedback on site performance.


Applying moderators agree to the following:

A. Moderators will post regularly and engage meaningfully with members of the site; this is intentionally flexible; and,

B. Help maintain the broader site and/or individually assigned areas through thread organization, filtering offensive or unrelated posts, and issuing warnings to members; and,

C. Provide necessary feedback to the owners and/or super-moderator(s) of Policydb8 to ensure effective moderation of members and site performance; and,

D. Avoid abuse of powers to undermine or otherwise harass members of the site; and,

E. This is a voluntary and unpaid position on Policydb8 whose value lies in service to the Policydb8 community and thus the overall Policy Debate community; and,

F. Approval of applications is at the discretion of the owners of Policydb8.

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