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    Unlike past policy debate platforms, we believe it is fundamental to make Policydb8 a resource for both the college and high school communities. We understand that this can be a tough sell to the college debate community given the lack of seriousness that can be attached to past platforms. However, we think that Policydb8 can benefit college debate at the team, individual, and community levels.
    Policydb8 is beneficial for college teams
    Policydb8’s features create a new way to organize your team. Our free chat client enables the creation of group chats for live discussions, lectures, and practice speeches/debates through video conferencing, single-user broadcasting, and built-in screen sharing capabilities. The use of free clubs enables your team to have a private area on the website for organized discussions. Free clubs enable the creation different sub-forums, create a variety of topics for discussion, have a file upload area, and manage a team calendar. Users who create and run the club have moderator powers to organize and manage it. The ability to organize discussions this way has a massive benefit over email, which can be difficult to follow with its uneven pace of responses, and clients such as Slack or Discord, which are not conducive to deeper discussions with its live-chat format.
    High school perceptions of college teams are limited to a) nationally successful schools (who end up in livestreams), b) schools that run nationally renowned camps, and c) regional schools they get judging from. Policydb8 can benefit your college team by building relationships with high school debaters and creating awareness of your team:
    Activity in the forums and judging online practice debates makes high school debaters aware of individuals affiliated with different schools and their level of debate expertise. Activity in the forums also creates an opportunity for a much wider discussion on recruitment and benefits of debating for your school. Currently, these discussions are largely constrained to 1 on 1 email discussions in recruitment outreach. Having a place for ALL debaters who use the site to read and participate in these discussion builds awareness. Selling files creates a level of trust on the quality of file production and argumentation that high school debaters can expect from a coaching staff or upper-level debaters on your team. Running online camps (either solely or to supplement your brick and mortar camp) via paid clubs enables high school debaters to receive direct instruction and an introduction to the topic from your staff and debaters. This enables national awareness of and participation in your camp unconstrained by geography and travel costs. Running remote coaching services (from individuals, your broader coaching staff, your upper-level debaters) enable high schoolers to become more aware of how your team works, the kind of organization to expect from your coaching staff, the expertise of your coaching staff, and the personalities of your team. It also allows for a coaching staff to work with high school debaters they would like to recruit at a much earlier level. This expands recruitment for schools who are typically more regionally constrained to a national level.  
    Policydb8 is beneficial for individuals at the college-level
    Our online platform has the potential for national awareness and the ability to sell your ability as a coach. There are a variety of ways that a college debater or coach can earn a side income or seek out new positions.
    The Debate Work Directory is a place for a) you to post your “debate resume” and b) schools or individuals to post listings seeking coaching. This can be beneficial whether you are seeking remote work or looking to relocate to coach in-person.
    Remote coaching via paid clubs enable college debaters or coaches to directly work with high school debaters on a remote platform that directly manages invoicing and recurring payments for you. You can define your level of involvement and you choose pricing to directly reflect that. Use of our clubs allows for you to work with a single school of debaters or with a variety of debaters from different schools who are all interested in working with you and collaborating with one another.
    Online camps via paid clubs gives a simple summer work opportunity for college debaters or coaches who didn’t get a camp job or want to supplement their summer work.
    Selling files allows you to make some extra cash off your old round-winning files, or you can dive in to work on developing high school topic-specific files and other original work. You can go beyond just posting a few files and brand yourself as a trustworthy file author who is worth repeat purchases.
    Policydb8 is beneficial to maintain a flourishing collegiate debate community
    Our online platform enables expanded recruitment for all colleges. The high school debaters with the most connections/are most pursued by colleges are typically nationally competitive. This overlooks many debaters with great potential who have not had the opportunity to compete at the national level. Policydb8’s scope enables finding and working with those debaters to improve their skills. This can make them more prepared for college debate and potentially improve the broader quality of their regional circuits.
    Most high school debaters lack context on college debate and do not have many meaningful interconnections with college debaters and coaches. Often, regional circuits can be under-served and/or be behind on contemporary debate theory and practices. This can create frustration and a desire to exit the activity simply because their skill level does not match up with their eligibility criteria. By creating a more accessible platform, Policydb8 stands to increase recruitment, participation, and retention in college debate by providing resources so more can reach the bar set for quality debaters.
    Creating connections with high school debaters can promote new debate teams. High school debaters are not always interested in attending a school with debate, even if they would be interested in debating. By building relationships with high school debaters, college coaches can follow where high school debaters want to go to school, can start discussions with school administrations earlier and help establish the framework for new programs.
    We believe in the potential that Policydb8 holds to revitalize this community and we will work to make it a resource that helps the Policy Debate community at all levels. 

    We are excited to present Policydb8.com to the broader Policy Debate community, but particularly to the high school community. We see this as an excellent opportunity for the community to center itself on a platform that is designed to increase engagement between high school and collegiate debate, and aims to continually innovate and adapt to the changing nature of technology and debate.

    Our most significant feature for high school debaters is group video chat. This chat feature, supplementing forums, enables online practice debates (or real tournaments) among your peers that can be judged remotely by an experienced coach or collegiate debater. This is ideal for schools who are geographically isolated or smaller squads that want to engage in scrimmages. 

    For debaters who appreciate collaboration, Policydb8’s clubs can be used as a free, private sub-forum to organize their school’s squad or they can use them to organize virtual squads or working groups. 

    We offer an online discussion platform solely for debate. While this is not particularly a new concept, the level of interaction we aim to promote between these two levels of the activity is what makes this forum stand out. One thing that is lacking for many high school debaters is networking and context within the college debate community. Typically, high school debaters who have college connections are fortunate enough to have college coaching or get judged by a geographically nearby college team. Camps are also a variable to attempt to equalize this, but they are limited in their own regards, and oftentimes do not build up ongoing relationships.

    The coaching directory and clubs feature allows for easy online coaching services. You can easily find someone offering coaching either remote or in person, see a description of the level of commitment they are offering, ask them basic questions, and subscribe to their coaching with little hassle. Ongoing manual payments are not necessary; Policydb8 has an automated structured payments for coaching services. 

    Policydb8’s clubs and chat features allow for online camps to be easily established. College debaters, college coaches, or high school coaches who apply for permission to create them can easily start a new camp structured to operate remotely. This has a huge advantage for debaters who a) may be concerned about dedicating a chunk of their summer to traveling to a camp and b) debaters who are concerned about the cost of going to a camp. We aim to allow for an array of different camp options between seasons to increase the general accessibility of debate as an activity. We also foresee these features being used for lectures/seminars. This is ideal for debaters who may be interested in a particular topic but do not want to invest in full coaching services.

    Lastly is the Policydb8 file store. This will be a place for individuals out of high school debate to sell their files, whether new and topic specific or their old round-winners. We see the sale of files as a positive in many respects. In respect to the high school community, it is an equalizing force for smaller schools. 

    Both Chris and I are active college coaches and former debate forum users, thus we have a personal interest in and relationship to the concept of a debate discussion forum. We see a lot of potential for new ways of doing debate and have embedded the beginnings of those ideas into Policydb8. We recognize that creating an online debate community is a responsibility that necessitates dedication. We have no interest in abrogating that responsibility, and hope to host the new center of Policy Debate community discourse. 


    Policydb8 Launch!

    By ColinD, in Site News,

    The debate community has experienced a scattering of online community and communication. Between CPD, HSPD, reddit, cedaforums, different discord servers, and a handful of blogs, interview series, and websites, debate lacks a dedicated, centralized node for community discussion.
    As long-time debate community members ourselves, we feel that the loss of this kind of truly valuable and unique community space should spurn the birth of a new platform for discussion. And so it has! Colin Dailey and I are proud to announce to launch of Policydb8.com - a new website created by debaters for debaters. We feel that providing a space that can create and strengthen connections not only within college debate but also between the high school and college debate communities is an essential cornerstone of the growth of debate writ-large and will have a lot of benefits moving forward. Forums like these provide a comfortable space for the creation of debate sub-culture and memes and allows debaters to relax and have fun, but more importantly they act as a pillar that grows interest and participation in the activity: from practice debates conducted online to evidence sharing and co-operative argument production to finding coaching resources and learning materials, the list goes on.
    While Policydb8.com will bring all of the forum features that you're familiar with from cross-x or cedaforums, it will also bring a lot more to the table:
    - Live Video Conferencing - our platform will bring live video chats capable of containing groups of people with minimal drag on your computer (in testing it's quite low impact on your RAM and has flowable sound quality). We imagine this having a wide variety of applications from meetings, Q&A's, tele-coaching and lectures, to live debates and leaves the door open for the possibility of conducting tournaments through the platform (an idea we're very receptive to).
    - Coaches-for-Hire Directory - we want to create a space for coaches who are looking for work to post their credentials and put themselves out there for hire. The current struggle of posting in each facebook page and hoping enough of your friends promote your post (or that the right team sees it and reaches out for that matter) is a mess, and we'd like to make it a lot easier. Imagine having a single searchable directory where high school students in need of coaching can look through a list of coaches for hire and decide who they'd like to work with the most or who fits them the best. While it's not yet finished, this service will be available within 30 days and should greatly streamline the process for both coaches and debaters.
    - Clubs - The forums will include a private clubs feature that allows you to create a private group and invite friends, teammates, coaches, and students. These can be open for all to join, require approval, be fully public or require membership to view, and can also be free or come with a paid membership feature. This combined with video conferencing as well as google doc embedding opens to a wide array of possibilities from short coaching seminars and hosting remote squad discussions to conducting online debate camps. It can also provide supporting infrastructure for established "brick-and-mortar" camps to extend contact with students or conduct camp tournaments.
    - File Marketplace - Evazon was a huge hit on cross-x, and we don't see any reason to do away with the basic concept of a file marketplace. Policydb8.com will have a fully functional equivalent that allows approved authors to post and sell their files on the website. It will feature a weekly politics file/Thursday file, would be posted to regularly, and we're considering creating a monthly subscription feature for it, but want more feedback from all of you on what you'd like to see in the marketplace given that college debaters will be the majority of people populating it. Most importantly, in order to maintain the quality of the marketplace, we intend to screen files that are submitted for simple edits and quality control, and we will take a lower commission than cross-x did (they took 30%, we take 10%).
    - Debate-Related Content Production - we would like to sponsor and be the home for multiple of debates' interest pieces and content producers. From articles and lectures transcribed online to interviews with authors and members of the debate community to circuit news, coach and debater profiles, and commentary/think-pieces on debate itself, we would love to see the website become a centralized hub for consuming content about debate created by debaters and coaches.
    - Active Debate Calendar - the website will feature an integrated calendar that lists the dates for all tournaments on the high school and college circuit and include links to tournament invites and tabroom.
    - Debate Streaming - When a tournament happens, it's often not easy for debaters of all ages to find where the stream is being hosted. We think this is an easy fix, and so we plan to host and organize streaming on Policydb8.com (given the other platforms hosting those streams provide requisite permissions). This will make it a lot easier for high school students, college debaters at home, friends, and family to tune into our debates when a tournament is happening and they want to watch from home.
    - An Archive - While this is not something we're 100% on yet, we'd like to get your feedback on the idea of creating a centralized archive for debate videos and past streams. Many debates exist on youtube, some exist on vimeo, others are scattered around different smaller websites or are merely sitting on hard drives in a closet. We will obviously never put a debate into the archive that a participant or institution asks us not to post and are aware of the sensitive nature of handling optics when publishing debate videos. That being said, we know there's a lot of interest in the community for being able to watch old debates and learn from them, and so we want to test the waters and get some opinions on how this could best be done.
    We have a big vision for what this website could become, but we hope that in the future it can not only act as a foundation for bringing debaters together but also as a crowdfunding resource run by and for the debate community (which we will never take a cent of commission from) that can fund scholarships for students to go to camp, travel, and hopefully even help them pay for the rising costs of school.
    We plan to bring even more features to the website and would love your feedback on the kinds of things you'd like to see out of us. We're happy to answer any questions you have, whether you hate the website or you love it.
    Thanks for your time! We hope you'll come check out our website, create an account, and post an introduction in the forums!
    We'll keep you updated via our Twitter and Facebook pages.
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/policydb8
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Policydb8/


    I’m the new Editor-in-Chief of PolicyDb8, and I just wanted to introduce you to our forthcoming content. 

    Starting this week and running for the foreseeable future we will be posting two to three articles a week about Policy Debate. Some will be about its culture, both for good and ill, and how we can improve it. Some about the power of debate outside the round and the potential of our activity. And some will be advice for students, and coaches, both for how to improve as students and competitors and also to give perspective for what debate offers for those of us who want to venture out beyond the cloister and into the so-called “real world.” 

    The goal of this project is to offer a place for both long-form content about debate and also to be a site for dialogue and discussion absent the polarizing and destructive tendencies of social media. As time goes on we’re hope to branch out to offer new, and more innovative, forms of engagement and to increase the kinds of content that we have on offer, and we hope that you’ll join us for that journey.

    If you’re interested in contributing please feel free to reach out to me directly, all offers and forms of feedback are welcome.
    Thank you,

    Rob Glass
    Editor-in-Chief Policydb8

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