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About This Club

This is a cooperative project designed to provide evidence to the community.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. 11-20-18--alliance system dead (rest in peace).
  3. 10-8-18--carbon capture counterplan for warming advantages--says a recent UN report urges CCS so there's probably a literature base if you want to develop a whole CP file.
  4. 10-7-18--sonic the hedgehog.
  5. Hmm, tbh I'm not sure. Hopefully it'll resolve itself. I'll toy with it elsewhere and get back to to you.
  6. 9-19-18 refugee cap decreasing. Probably a card that exists in a lot of refugee aff files, but it says Pompeo announced it moving from 45,000 to 30,000 a few days ago. By the way, if I just click "download" it gives an old version of the file, but if I click the title of the file and then the smaller link it gives the updated version. Not sure if that's an issue.
  7. Trumpdates. The trump admin is going to continually have rule changes happening with immigration.
  8. 9-18-18--economic growth can't be decoupled from resource consumption. What aspects of the immigration topic need consistent updates?
  9. 9-12-18--card about warming passing tipping points and de-growth being the only way to deal with it.
  10. 9-11-18 Dodd-Frank bad--good for either small banks good turn or bank consolidation bad turn
  11. Can be found in the files section of the dailycard club/at this link:
  12. 9-9-18 -economy resilient--kind of sketchy card because the source is from an investment institution, but the warrants are good.
  13. Version 11-20-18


    Daily Card


  14. Hello and welcome to Daily Card, This is a cooperative project designed to provide free evidence to the debate community on a daily basis. The goal of this project is to increase communal evidence production and decrease resource inequalities between schools. The evidence will be continually compiled. The most recent file will have all the evidence cut so far unless a new file is created for file size reasons. Contribution is not necessary to use the resources that we have available. At the end of each day, I will post a new file version containing all evidence submitted to me that day. Thus, if you would like for your evidence to be added to the project, simply message it to this account. I would like to limit the project to one card/block per person per day to avoid evidence dumping. Evidence should be carefully and ethically prepared and as new as possible. Love, Snowball
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