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  • Ndt 2018 Round Quarters Aff: Georgetown Bk Vs Neg: Ou Ps



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    I actually don't. The videos I have posted are from a youtube channel that has given permission to us to post their videos, Exodusfiles. These handful are just the start of what they have, I'm going to get them all knocked out tonight. 


    Cool things with the debate videos part of the site are that a) the site supports automatic link embedding for certain sites (there's a list of the ones supported in the sidebar of the debate videos section of the site), b) it's open for anyone to post videos, and c) multiple videos can be uploaded or embedded in a single posting (useful for when people have videos in parts). We prefer people to embed through links or embed codes, but can begrudgingly accept uploads. So ultimate goal = crowdsourced debate videos archive since that stands to make it truly comprehensive.

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    Not really useful as a resource as is. 

    A) it's only online again because David showed up. The last videos uploaded were like 7 years ago. So it's already fallen by the wayside as a debate resource, we've all kind of moved on.

    B) it relies on uploading/conversion to mp4, not ideal. Given that all the videos are pretty much broken into parts, there's likely a size limit.

    C) if I'm not mistaken, the video player on debatevision runs on flash, which web browsers are moving away from supporting because of security problems (Firefox is first).

    D) Embed links on our site also support livestreams. That's largely become the norm in how debates are recorded and broadcasted, which also means years of debate videos can be easily posted here in almost no time without having to download/upload. The college national tournaments are going to have livestreams going via Exodusfiles (and others) which we will concurrently have posted here.


    I'll add that a benefit of cross posting between youtube and here is organization.

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    Good question btw. It's an important one for us to consider when people ask why our platform should be used.

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