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  2. Call me biased, but I'm torn between GMU AH and GMU BT.
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  5. Ah Gotcha - Sorry - Just some kids are like the aff and the judge are whining cuz they can't debate, those kids erk me lmao
  6. yeah, i think you misread my post. i was saying the NEGATIVES were being whiny babies for complaining about losing a round where their responses fed the affirmative position. as far as the judge stopping the round instead of just voting affirmative goes, i wasn't there. did the affirmatives argue that this was the only solution? if they did, did the negatives argue that point back? if the judge just went rogue and stopped the round with neither team arguing that it should be stopped, that's either a bad judge OR the arguments the negatives were spewing were offensive enough to violate the school system's / debate league's standards. i wasn't there and the video doesn't show the whole round, so i don't know. also, where was the judge adaptation? if you know you have a hard left judge, why would you tack hard right? i mean, sure, if you have some inner need to do that, do it. but be prepared to OWN the framework flow. otherwise, you're gonna lose. the video skips the framework debate all together. i would LOVE to see the framework flow from this round, because the negatives say the affirmatives didn't make arguments about the role of the ballot and the affirmatives and the judge say they did.
  7. Aww didn't you wanna have a discussion ;-;, just jebaited didn't you? You understand im critiquing your version of solvency itself ? What does your CP do outside of this round? Well I see ya in like 2 days momma has to deal with school stuffz :3
  8. 1)That's our Alt we are just saying with the Grande card that "This requires a collective refusal to participate in the theater of cruelty and choose instead to dismantle the settler consciousness that enables it" 2)By sitting our prettyass on this site and trying to use our speech act to dismantle the mindset of Set Cap see Bruyneel 14 3) We talking about Set Cap love :3 Bifo precludes that Colonialism is root cause of Cap but the mindset Set Cap is what dismantle. 4) Our Bruyneel 14 card tells ya why UwU "we need to decolonize the academy by specifically attending to and refusing the presumptions and hegemony of settler colonialism" So we need need to be in places like these to deconstruct the mindset of Set Cap 5) We want the ballot to symbolize the judge showing they jive with our message. 6) Sure lets do that love just helps me prove my point and messege cause Shreking Cap authors do not talk this enough and it sucks 7) Keeps us in the mindset of Set Cap which is the reason why we have policies like the ones that keep kids in cages ;-;
  9. Where in the Grande evidence does it say that insolvency is necessary to resolve instances of settler colonialism? What's insolvency, and how does it stop the state from forcing indigenous folk off their lands at gun point? Where in any of your aff does any of your evidence say that the resolution re-inscribes the semiotic capitalism that Bifo critiques? Why is the ballot and the debate space key for aff solvency? If indigenous violence matters, why can't we just end the round right now and have a forum of discussion? What's the specific impact of the aff?
  10. call out and kick out are 2 totally diffrent things, this was a coward move to just kick them out . If we truly are strong LET US PROVE IT. We cannot just eject people we do not agree with we need to fight them directly!
  11. I don't think thats true - Like I think folx like us are remarkable strong to survive and to engage in forms of militant preservation, but i think that simultaneously we should call out folx for problematic doody
  12. if u get the references ur a real one :3 open for cx tmmorw Gold_Experience_Requiem.docx
  13. Lets Agree to some ground rules before round (i.e. Word Number Count, etc.) Ill have 1 A up after we do so Let's have fun!!!!
  14. Politics DAs drop like Mayflies and I have to say good luck running an Environmental DA without it coming off lowkey racist. Treat yourself and run a cute K or a pretty Courts CP.
  15. I wanna fight someone with my K aff for the immigration topic UwU
  16. Anthony :3


    Mock Debates and Review of old Flows does the trick. Also try to fix up your word usage by writing a block to a specific arg then EDIT THE BIACH, try to make the same argument but with alot less words.
  17. You make minority debaters seem like we cannot deal with that or we are weak to that in a way
  18. masturdebater69


    What are good drills/practices to do to improve overall skill? I don't mean spreading drills (ie spreading with a pen in your mouth, putting and between each word, etc) but things that improve other skills like efficiency, strategy, line-by-line, impact calc, etc.
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