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The Rules

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Welcome to Other Forms of Debate! This sub-forum is intended for debaters to post and discuss other formats of debate and speech. We know that sometimes the rivalry between Policy and other forms of debate can become a bit heated, so we'd like to ask you to follow a few forum-specific rules while you're here:


- Please no inflammatory remarks/insulting other forms of debate. I promise that making fun of LD isn't as funny as you think it is. Many students have a real passion for other forms of debate and here at policydb8.com we support all speech activities. 

- No off-topic posting. We have an entire website that is mostly dedicated just to policy debate, so let's not post about policy here. 

- Be respectful of other users. This ties into the first outlined rule above, but should be a general guideline you follow in all of our forums. 
- Abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. 


We hope your debates are great whatever the speech times are. 

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