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Anthony :3

Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

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1 hour ago, chsdebater5 said:

@ColinDit won''t let me download the doc it just redirects me would you be able to help?


I tried downloading a file in a different vdebate (that people clearly had been able to access previously) and I got the same error. Seems like a problem with attachment storage generally. I'll get on resolving this.

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1. All of your impacts are predicated on sending people back to dangerous countries, why can't we allow current TPS members to stay until it's no longer dangerous?

2. Your astrada card is in the context of people whose TPS was/will be revoked due to their home countries being deemed safe, why can't we just extend TPS for those people? 


Are you ok if the constructives are 2100 and rebuttals 1500? 

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1) To provide stability to there lives and they have the chance to go back to thier country if they choose to do so.

2) Again to provide stability and keep them from having unneeded stress

also cool but can we maybe make rebuttals 1550


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