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Settler Colonialism Help

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If i am reading settler colonialism against k affs, what do I have to win? Also k aff's refuse the state, how do I win the k aff advocacy doesnt solve my alt? When reading an alt against k affs, how should it be functionally different?

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what you need to win to win the entire K

a) a link as an impact turn

b) that the alternative solves for the world the aff creates (The net benefit to the K is that the world the aff creates is bad)

c) fwk - win that your view of how we should evaluate the world is more educational/more fair/a pre-req to either/has another prefiat net benefit (i.e. reading Nietzche makes people happy because they can stop being so anxious)

or be a trickster  (if anybody gets the joke lol)

- win a relational thesis - just win that the aff is bad because of the link, i.e. the aff is settler colonialism at its finest. Then prove an impact turn. The nuance to this is that you need a very specific link to the aff, those LOO's won't work because they don't have spec reasons why doing the aff is harmful.

- win framework only - if you can derive offense from fwk then ofc just uplayer from substance and win that red pedagogy > aff

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