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The hardest part of evaluating a debate is when people don't properly extend an argument. Often, I seem to either intervene on one side to extend the argument for them or intervene on the other to reject an improper extension. For example:


1AR: "Extend the link turn: immigrants help the economy. They do complementary jobs and increase innovation, that was Jones 18. Their evidence assumes a finite pool of jobs, but immigration expands the labor market. Our evidence is a peer reviewed meta analysis of hundreds of studies. Their authors are alt-right bloggers."

2NR: "Extend the link: immigrants reduce wages. Next..."

2AR: *drops the link debate


Is there a link? If I say no link, I'm saying the 2NR extension didn't have a warrant, which is an argument the 2AR didn't make, so intervention. If I say yes link, I'm intervening to extend the neg's argument for them even though the 2NR had zero warrant.

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I'm willing to intervene and complete arguments based on the calibur of debate. If warrantless claims are the norm for that given debate, I'll complain about it in the post round but ultimately intervening is the only way to adjudicate the round without saying "no one said anything so presumption."


Otherwise, and especially in a varsity debate, I would say no link. It's not a conceded argument if it doesn't meet the threshold of being an argument in the first place (claim-warrant-impact).

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Thanks for the reply, Colin. I largely agree.

Here's a slightly related question: in a CP debate, is it the neg's burden to prove mutual exclusivity or the aff's burden to win the perm? Consider a scenario where a plan-plus CP (blatantly noncompetitive) "solves better than the aff" and a permutation isn't made. Can I vote aff by saying the the CP doesn't compete?

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