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Politics News Feeds

How should we show politics news feeds?  

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We currently have a forum of politics news feeds, seen here: https://www.policydb8.com/forums/forum/225-politics-news/. I'm considering changing this mainly because it clogs site activity feeds, however a benefit is that it stores news indefinitely.


The alternative would be a page with numerous live updating politic rss feed widgets from a varying sources. It would not keep a long record of all of the news. 


Let us know what you think with a vote or comment other ideas!

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I think having it clog shouldn't really be the issue, but having the news there indefinatly is really a plus and I think it is cool how it is 😄

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Personally, I got really annoyed by the news feed on the homepage, simply because new articles came out so frequently. Would it be possible to set up a separate page that kept long(ish, doesn't have to be permanent, I think) records of articles?

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I went ahead and disabled the forum feeds and created a page called "Politics News Feeds." It can be found in the menu bar under "Resources."


Any preferences on keeping the forum? I'm tempted to purge it of posts and maintain it for people to share/discuss politics news. 

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