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    You should always focus faaaaar more on work experience and skills and flag just a couple of notable debate achievements in your resume. Being on a college squad and having hs debate experience as a subpoint on your education section should be sufficient to show that you know how debate works. Your goal for those people is to show that you're responsible and professionally accountable. If you're hired through an admin who knows little about debate, putting a huge list of tournament results and speaker awards is meaningless. It'll look like overcompensating. If you're being hired directly by an experienced coach, it makes more sense to flesh this out with a conversation. We've all done debate and know just as well what types of debate people exist. If you want to be hired in a real position, you should focus on selling yourself as a real employee that is #1 reliable and #2 knowledgeable. Example: there's the person who is bad at debate theory but does a lot of block work to compensate and have success, they're prompt, on time, and always looking to prove themselves. Then there's the debate savant who is brilliant at debate and they know it, making them tremendously lazy when it comes to things that they deem less important to them, sleeps in, doesn't finish assignments because they're doing their own thing. Who would you hire? And who would you rather present yourself as?
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