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  1. What think of the new home page and user page?

    1. businessmonkey


      needs more monkeys

  2. ColinD

    Politics News Feeds

    I went ahead and disabled the forum feeds and created a page called "Politics News Feeds." It can be found in the menu bar under "Resources." Any preferences on keeping the forum? I'm tempted to purge it of posts and maintain it for people to share/discuss politics news.
  3. ColinD

    Politics News Feeds

    We currently have a forum of politics news feeds, seen here: https://www.policydb8.com/forums/forum/225-politics-news/. I'm considering changing this mainly because it clogs site activity feeds, however a benefit is that it stores news indefinitely. The alternative would be a page with numerous live updating politic rss feed widgets from a varying sources. It would not keep a long record of all of the news. Let us know what you think with a vote or comment other ideas!
  4. ColinD

    Judge Intervention

    I'm willing to intervene and complete arguments based on the calibur of debate. If warrantless claims are the norm for that given debate, I'll complain about it in the post round but ultimately intervening is the only way to adjudicate the round without saying "no one said anything so presumption." Otherwise, and especially in a varsity debate, I would say no link. It's not a conceded argument if it doesn't meet the threshold of being an argument in the first place (claim-warrant-impact).
  5. Hey would it be possible to have a seperate account for posting "politics news!"?  I'm interested in following your regular, human posts, but not those

    1. ColinD


      Oooooh, I didn't consider my account spamming notifications via rss feed posts. I'll resolve that shortly.

    2. ColinD


      Modified it to be posted by a generic admin account!

  6. ColinD

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    I tried downloading a file in a different vdebate (that people clearly had been able to access previously) and I got the same error. Seems like a problem with attachment storage generally. I'll get on resolving this.
  7. ColinD

    Open Borders Cap Link

    This is a pretty great article that is highly specific on a) labor organization, b) business interests that promote open borders, and c) context with the trump admin. It's from the winter 2018 issue of American Affairs. https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2018/11/the-left-case-against-open-borders/
  8. ColinD

    Best Camp Base DA

  9. ColinD

    Most Strategic Counterplans

    Word filter. Some are for foul language, some are for our amusement. Up to you to decide on this one.
  10. ColinD

    Best Camp Base DA

    There's an argument to be made for the "conservative base," but particularly with the immigration topic it refers to Trump's base of supporters. Essentially, Trump tries to cater to his base as much as possible, willing to do whatever outrageous acts that he thinks will keep them fired up in support for him and in turn GOP politicians he backs. Their specific stump issue is immigration, the most recent example being his rhetoric and actions on immigration going into the midterms (things he says at his rallies, sending troops to the border to confront the migrant caravan, new public charge rule, etc.). So if he flip flops on immigrations/lets congress take progressive reforms on immigration, his base will backlash, causing him to overcorrect and take a dangerous action (striking Iran/North Korea/China as a diversionary conflict).
  11. ColinD

    Best Camp Base DA

    Split to a new thread to deter topic derailing
  12. ColinD

    Politics DA

    Split the best camp base da discussion to a new thread
  13. ColinD

    How do prefs work?

    Prefs are done on tabroom. Go to your account, click on the tournament you're registered for, and then you should see a list of judges. They're done for individual teams, not schools as a whole (different teams, different arguments, different judge interactions, etc). How prefs work vary. What's described above with glenbrooks is categories prefs. If you listen to the Gary Larson debatercast interview, he gives a good description of how they work at one point along with how other systems work. The basic theme is they try to find mutual categorization of judges between 2 teams. The common method of prefs done in college is mutual judging preference in which every judge is given an ordinal ranking, making them fit at a certain percentile in rankings. A certain bottom range is strike range (typically 80% and lower) and judges that fit within a certain percent range for two teams are assigned as their judge, with the goal being as mutual as possible. The general strategy with categories or mpj (which still is strategically organized in categories for the most part) is to order judges based on your style of debate. So if you're a policy debater, you should rank: - great policy judges - alright policy judges - clash judges/good k judges who fall in clash debates as well - bad policy judges - bad k judges - strikes There is flexibility in how that ordering works, but that's an example. Basic rules for doing prefs: - Don't pref questionable judges high just because they've liked you in the past. They can just as easily like other people more. - READ PARADIGMS. They are often written with a judge's take on what debate SHOULD be, which a) tells you how to pref them and b) improves how you look at debate. - Paradigms are not end-all. A lot of people LIE (to themselves) about what they will vote on or how they think about debate. Alternatively, they may not update based on how their thinking has evolved. So, always keep personal notes on judges in RFDs to have your own log of how these judges think, how competent they truly are, etc. - Look at their judging records and pay attention to what kinds of debates they judge and how often they judge elims (typically means they're prefer higher and/or coach teams that get into elim debates, hence why they're still available to judge). - Dont blow off your judge research. - Don't take prefs as an excuse to ideologically lock yourself into argumentative styles. 1) the best debaters are at least capable of going for args outside of their comfort zone and 2) getting the odd judging draw outside of your ideal judging range can screw you.

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