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  1. chsdebater5

    Post-Lost grief

    I take the notes on the rfd and comments and incorporate into blocks and stuff. Also, redos while imagining the taste of sweet victory is a big brain move
  2. chsdebater5

    Policy Making good

    The CtP file from Snowball ft. Patrick fox has some reform and policy good args, I'm too lazy to find the other cards right now Cede the Political.docx
  3. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    1NC Anthon.docx
  4. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    3. You said permanent residency is key, but what is it key to specifically? Keeping families together?
  5. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    Also judges would be much appreciated
  6. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    CX: 1. All of your impacts are predicated on sending people back to dangerous countries, why can't we allow current TPS members to stay until it's no longer dangerous? 2. Your astrada card is in the context of people whose TPS was/will be revoked due to their home countries being deemed safe, why can't we just extend TPS for those people? Are you ok if the constructives are 2100 and rebuttals 1500?
  7. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    yeah maybe repost it that might work
  8. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    Anthony can you repost it? I hope you're feeling better now!
  9. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    @ColinDit won''t let me download the doc it just redirects me would you be able to help?
  10. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    bump for 1ac?
  11. chsdebater5

    Anthony :3 (Aff) v chsdebater5 (Neg)

    Feel better!
  12. chsdebater5

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Independent link to settler colonialism... Thankful for all the work y'all do to keep this site great! Keep it up!
  13. Sorry I'm hella late, I've been distracted with family stuff. i didn't write a ton because I think Ronnie's RFD was super in-depth and addressed a lot of issues I had. RFD y.docx
  14. I had a tournament this weekend so i'm hella tired but rfd will be up sometime early tomorrow
  15. chsdebater5

    neolib and security as a case turn

    I've been experimenting with running neolib and security recently but it's kind of messy and annoying to deal with the critique interactions. How do y'all feel about running neolib and running security as a case turn on heg flows? Would this be effective?

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The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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