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  1. I take the notes on the rfd and comments and incorporate into blocks and stuff. Also, redos while imagining the taste of sweet victory is a big brain move
  2. The CtP file from Snowball ft. Patrick fox has some reform and policy good args, I'm too lazy to find the other cards right now Cede the Political.docx
  3. 3. You said permanent residency is key, but what is it key to specifically? Keeping families together?
  4. CX: 1. All of your impacts are predicated on sending people back to dangerous countries, why can't we allow current TPS members to stay until it's no longer dangerous? 2. Your astrada card is in the context of people whose TPS was/will be revoked due to their home countries being deemed safe, why can't we just extend TPS for those people? Are you ok if the constructives are 2100 and rebuttals 1500?
  5. Anthony can you repost it? I hope you're feeling better now!
  6. @ColinDit won''t let me download the doc it just redirects me would you be able to help?
  7. Independent link to settler colonialism... Thankful for all the work y'all do to keep this site great! Keep it up!
  8. Sorry I'm hella late, I've been distracted with family stuff. i didn't write a ton because I think Ronnie's RFD was super in-depth and addressed a lot of issues I had. RFD y.docx
  9. I had a tournament this weekend so i'm hella tired but rfd will be up sometime early tomorrow
  10. I've been experimenting with running neolib and security recently but it's kind of messy and annoying to deal with the critique interactions. How do y'all feel about running neolib and running security as a case turn on heg flows? Would this be effective?
  11. I go to a relatively small school without a coach or super experienced sponsor and I was wondering how pref sheets worked? Who do you submit it to, is it school wide, general strat? Much appreciated
  12. I think this debate is dead lol the 1NR hasn't been posted and I'm kinda uncommitted but thanks for the offer
  13. honestly just knowing your files and args, if you have extensive knowledge of the 1AC/1NC you don't need as many blocks and cards later in the debate. That being said, blocks and extensions sure make life a lot easier
  14. Georgetown isn't focused on Ks, we mainly cut topic Ks if you're really K focused I'd go to Wake, Mich, or UT
  15. I mean it helps when you're surrounded by other debaters and having practice debates constantly as opposed to not really being able to debate for some people
  16. I went to Georgetown this summer and it was very much worth it, they had/have super experienced lab leaders but definitely go to as long of a camp as feasibly possible, as the more experience and time spent debating during the summer the greater the reward
  17. It depends on the round and who/what im debating and my mood, but sufjan stevens is a chiller and helps relax me because I have super bad debate anxiety, some odd future/tyler the creator, denzel curry, old drake, really any lyrical or "hype rap" is the move. Occasionally, some rage against the machine or sYsTeM oF A dOwN and less heavy metal is refreshing. Edit: Engelbert Humperdinck because his name makes me laugh and like, debate is a game and a lot more fun when you're not super serious
  18. Farm bill was decent and I'm sure there's going to be better uq and link args
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