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  1. Does anybody have any Language Ks they would be willing to trade or put up in the market. If none of the above apply, could somebody recommend a place to find Language K files. Thanks, Niko
  2. Colin, I wanted to ask is there a way for us to add other people to the website, and then make some sort of private forum or club for our own teams?

    1. ColinD


      So, 2 options for adding people:

      1 - You can give me their info (email, desired username) and I can hook them up with accounts now

      2 - Wait for site launch and they can register. 


      I truly don't mind doing the former if you want to get them on now.



      For private clubs, absolutely, you can create a private club via the 'Clubs' section of the site which you can access through the menu bar. You can either make that "closed," which means that people can see your club exists but can't enter it and can only be added to it by invitation. Or you can make it a 'private' club so no one sees it on the clubs list and people can only be added by invitation. 


      If you are going ahead and making a club for your team, it would be appreciated if you made it "closed" rather than private (you can switch it later in club settings) just so people see that clubs are already being used that way, which helps us out on the "normalization" and "adoption" front. 

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