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  1. All hail our new policy fascist overlords, Kentucky BT. Hallowed be DanBan's 2NRs and Truf's card cutting prowess. All joking aside, congrats to Kentucky BT for winning on a 4-1, and congrats to Georgia RS for getting to finals (first time UGA has since '97)! What did ya'll think of this years NDT? I've had some interesting discussions with friends, I think this one was a bit unlike the others in recent years, between the large absence of K teams in deep elims (the exception being Wake EF of course), the first policy finals round in a few years, and a couple upsets in prelims and elims. Thoughts? Hopes? Disappointments? Who else lost money on their elims bracket?
  2. There's already a huge debate discord. I'm on it. It's got like 2200 people lol, mostly LD kids but a sizable policy group.
  3. B0rnie is very good at the args like the Baurillard and the Plan Por Favor shell can confirm
  4. Chance the Rapper, Frank Sinatra, Kanye, Train. Literally the only times I listen to any of this. Why? No clue.
  5. Hey I don't appreciate this sin on my good Godly forum i am a good catholic boy and I will stand for none of this no sirree
  6. I'd like to thank the Academy for letting me commodify symbols of violence to win free stuff
  7. Holy doody I forgot about this whole tournament
  8. Ladies and gents, anyone who's debated the cap k in recent times: you've seen Robinson 14, and of course the superior 16, and some of you even know of the rare yet brilliant Robinson 17 (on China!). But I present to you, the new, improved, fresh outta my card cuttin' oven... ROBINSON 18 Robinson 18.docx
  9. I've known Chris for a good while, can confirm he's a 10/10 person and debater
  10. Whassup my name's Pat. I debate for a small high school school just south of Austin, Texas. Did policy for 2 years (under the guidance of the one and only yao-yao chen), then swicthed to LD because of partner issues. Caught a few bid rounds here and there since then. My coach coached for Colin and Chris' high school once upon a time, so 11/10 I must be good by association, right? On the dl though, I do nothing with my life but cut cards and my debate style basically hasn't changed since I switched from policy, which is what I like to call "leftist white boy debate" - think super intense policy strats, lots of T, politics, advantage CPs and the basic Ks (cap, security, agamben), plus lots of Heidegger. A LOT OF HEIDEGGER. Basically I'm a Northwestern debater who wants to debate at UT or Trinity because I can't get into/afford Northwestern (debate sugar daddies/mommas - hmu) I'm a senior now, fifth year of debate (started in 8th grade) just tryna have some fun with debate, catch some bids (Grapevine and Greenhill, anyone?), and get good before college where I get to do it again but out of someone else's pocket. Fun stuff. I also have a crapload of old posts on Cross-X (same screen name) where I've shared my musings on debate. Cheers, Pat
  11. This was my triples round at state in front of Eli Smith
  12. New Study Proves Debate Actually Is Just a Game - K Debaters "Shocked." Shanahan: "Damn, seriously?"
  13. Policy Debater Switches to LD: Mom Judges "Outraged", Go On Strike. (This is a real thing that happened to me once, a mom judge refused to take the ballot because I was on it and "counterplans and Ks don't belong in LD".)
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