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  1. I mean if you wanna have a throwdown we can when I'm less busy with our preseason at Binghamton...
  2. That's one end-goal of this website: fostering debate communities online in places that they struggled to flourish and using revenue to fund things like RDL's (which I'm pretty sure don't even exist yet).
  3. It's saddening to me to see so many students isolated in geographic regions like that who would probably love to debate but won't get the chance because they just don't live in the "right place"
  4. Yeah, it is quite competitive. It's not impossible, just incredibly difficult. I think it's actually beneficial to debate teams that strong with a high frequency, even if you start by just losing your lunch money a few times. The other thing that makes it such a "blood bath" is that every year there's usually at least 1 first-round quality team from the D3 that doesn't get one and has to go to districts. UT is a great school and it has a storied program. Their director (Joel Rollins) recently announced his retirement and I believe they are looking for a replacement DoD right now, but they have strong scholarship backing, a talented coaching staff, and they really enjoy letting debaters define their own sort of argumentative direction. Debating in the Austin area in high school is fantastic, there are a ton of tournaments and when I was debating there were 6 bid tournaments in Texas, so the lack of ability to travel out of state or on sundays wouldn't hamper our acquisition of bids. The panhandle was a different story. There's little to no financial support for debate programs there. Most coaches still live in a 1980's UIL world. Most teams travel maximum 4 or 5 times per year including State. The geography of the area also produces a lot of challenges. Everything is very far apart, the land is mostly flat, most towns are relatively small or low-income, and even if you live in Amarillo or Lubbock your school likely spends more money on 4H than it does on its collective debate budget.
  5. They do but they usually don't travel their competitive teams regionally, and the D3 has a large number of active schools (UTD, UT, UTSA, Baylor, OU, UCO, Kansas, K-State, Emporia, WSU, Missouri State, a few others I'm not recalling off the top of my head). Most D3 schools also force their top teams to travel regionally, which makes regional varsity competition really good. The district tournament for D3 is nationally known as "the blood bath" for a reason lol.
  6. One of the things I will say is that if you have a good opportunity/offer from a college in D3 and the college is a good fit for you that the 3rd District is hands-down the most difficult/challenging and that I highly recommend debating in it.
  7. Yeah, it's a satellite town to Austin essentially, about 45 minutes by car. By Texas do you mean UT or do you mean "what's it like debating in the state"? I actually coached for the University of Texas for a year, I have lots of good things to say about the school and the program, ask away.
  8. Jackie no longer runs that program, it experienced a massive change in leadership about 2 years ago. They do still have a sizable endowment and some scholarships do exist (mostly out of state tuition waivers), but I'm not sure what their current scholarship schema looks like. I will say that if you're interested in debating there that you should contact either George Lee or one of the current OU debaters like Darius/Britt/Jazmine/etc.
  9. LNRD

    The Rules

    Welcome to Polls! We do polls here! If you're a huge stats nerd, this may become your home. This sub-forum is designed for debaters to conduct, discuss, and participate in polls on varying topics. A few rules to follow while you're here: - No off-topic posts. Ask yourself before you post: is it about a poll? - Be respectful of other users. - Abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. Poll away young Nate Silvers.
  10. LNRD

    The Rules

    Welcome to Feedback and Complaints! In this sub-forum, we hear all of your issues, gripes, and complaints about the website. Is a feature not working properly? Post here and we'll try to fix it as promptly as possible. Don't like something about the website? Let us know! A few rules for this forum to follow while you're here: - No off-topic posting. We want this to be reserved as a complaints and feedback forum so we can hear your opinions and improve the website for the better to give you all a product you want and like. Try to keep posts aimed toward that purpose. - Be respectful (to each other but also us please). We know the nature of this sub-forum is to complain about things, but try not to just berate and demean people. Constructive criticism is always best. We'll do our best not to be tone police, we do want to hear how you feel, but remember that users of many differing ages will view these pages so it should be kept somewhat PG. - Abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. We really appreciate you taking the time to use our website enough to complain about it, and hope you'll stick with us moving forward! We can't wait to hear your feedback.
  11. Welcome to Evidence Trading! We believe that an open culture of evidence sharing improves both the quality and scope of our collective research efforts and benefits many members of the community who lack resources or varied argument experience. This sub-forum is designed for debaters of all circuits to share evidence with each other, discuss Cards-Of-The-Week, and develop arguments together. A few rules apply to this forum that we ask you to follow while you're here: - No sharing Marketplace files. If an author is selling a file on the marketplace, do not share it with others. While our evidence philosophy emphasizes the free flow and sharing of evidence and arguments, it would be disrespectful and wrong of us to allow users to share files that we ask some people to pay for. This is also zero tolerance. - No off-topic posting - this forum is intended for free evidence sharing. Again, no selling files to each other here. - Be respectful of other users. You might think someone else's argument is not-so-good. Chances are we've all produced a bad argument here and there. Don't berate/beat people down over their files, criticism should be constructive only. - Abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. Thanks, and happy trading!
  12. Welcome to Other Forms of Debate! This sub-forum is intended for debaters to post and discuss other formats of debate and speech. We know that sometimes the rivalry between Policy and other forms of debate can become a bit heated, so we'd like to ask you to follow a few forum-specific rules while you're here: - Please no inflammatory remarks/insulting other forms of debate. I promise that making fun of LD isn't as funny as you think it is. Many students have a real passion for other forms of debate and here at policydb8.com we support all speech activities. - No off-topic posting. We have an entire website that is mostly dedicated just to policy debate, so let's not post about policy here. - Be respectful of other users. This ties into the first outlined rule above, but should be a general guideline you follow in all of our forums. - Abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. We hope your debates are great whatever the speech times are.
  13. Welcome to the Workshops, Institutes, and Camps sub-forum! As the name implies, this space is intended for debaters, lab leaders, and coaches to post, share, and talk about their experiences at Debate Camp. There are only a few rules for this forum but they're important so we'll cover them here: - No off-topic posting. Please only post about workshops and camps. - No advertising your camp here. Again but in bold: No advertising your camp here. Reviews of camps are fine, descriptions of your time there or how beneficial they were to you are also fine. This may seem like a strange/obscure line, but we promise it's an easy rule to follow. If you had a good time at camp and learned a lot and want to encourage other students to go there, that's fine. But please no "shameless self-plugging" in this area. (Any camps or workshops that WOULD like to advertise with us can do so here). - Please be respectful of other users. For the most part, this forum will be populated with High School students, so keep it Simple and Clean folks. - To prevent fake reviews, users must have posted 15 content items on the site to be able to participate in this forum. - And of course, please abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct Enjoy! We can't wait to hear your camp stories!
  14. The Thoughts and Ideas sub-forum is a bit more vague/broad than our others, so we'll take a second to talk about why it's here. While Misc. is a truly open-ended posting area for just about anything that doesn't fit, Thoughts and Ideas should be thought of as a more directed/conversation-driven Misc. that aims to produce meaningful discussion about various thoughts and ideas, debate-related or not. We ask that you observe a few simple rules while you're here: - While most things are not considered "off-topic" in T&I, please refrain from dumping your memes here. - Please keep in mind that High School students will be using and viewing this sub-forum. Try to keep topics here hospitable for users of all ages. - Be respectful of other users. - And of course, please abide by the policydb8.com Code of Conduct. We can't wait to hear your ideas!
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