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  1. on phone rn, but yeah things came up health wise so I don't have access to my laptop sooooooo ill be up and running next monday
  2. Aww didn't you wanna have a discussion ;-;, just jebaited didn't you? You understand im critiquing your version of solvency itself ? What does your CP do outside of this round? Well I see ya in like 2 days momma has to deal with school stuffz :3
  3. 1)That's our Alt we are just saying with the Grande card that "This requires a collective refusal to participate in the theater of cruelty and choose instead to dismantle the settler consciousness that enables it" 2)By sitting our prettyass on this site and trying to use our speech act to dismantle the mindset of Set Cap see Bruyneel 14 3) We talking about Set Cap love :3 Bifo precludes that Colonialism is root cause of Cap but the mindset Set Cap is what dismantle. 4) Our Bruyneel 14 card tells ya why UwU "we need to decolonize the academy by specifically attending to and refusing the presumptions and hegemony of settler colonialism" So we need need to be in places like these to deconstruct the mindset of Set Cap 5) We want the ballot to symbolize the judge showing they jive with our message. 6) Sure lets do that love just helps me prove my point and messege cause Shreking Cap authors do not talk this enough and it sucks 7) Keeps us in the mindset of Set Cap which is the reason why we have policies like the ones that keep kids in cages ;-;
  4. call out and kick out are 2 totally diffrent things, this was a coward move to just kick them out . If we truly are strong LET US PROVE IT. We cannot just eject people we do not agree with we need to fight them directly!
  5. if u get the references ur a real one :3 open for cx tmmorw Gold_Experience_Requiem.docx
  6. Lets Agree to some ground rules before round (i.e. Word Number Count, etc.) Ill have 1 A up after we do so Let's have fun!!!!
  7. Politics DAs drop like Mayflies and I have to say good luck running an Environmental DA without it coming off lowkey racist. Treat yourself and run a cute K or a pretty Courts CP.
  8. I wanna fight someone with my K aff for the immigration topic UwU
  9. Anthony :3


    Mock Debates and Review of old Flows does the trick. Also try to fix up your word usage by writing a block to a specific arg then EDIT THE BIACH, try to make the same argument but with alot less words.
  10. You make minority debaters seem like we cannot deal with that or we are weak to that in a way
  11. The exact reason I am centrist
  12. I swear to the lord I will change it to papyrus if I hear it again
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