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Anthony :3



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  1. 1) Yup 2) Naw, Cap prepetuates it and put a number on these people, a number of thier worth. 3) By taking away what prepetuates ableism 4) Yes
  2. Anthony :3

    Best Camp Base DA

    But doesn't Twitter solve @ColinD 😉
  3. FINNALY Fyi Verbatim wanted to be a little nerd and die on me so i am estimating it is 2100 or around that cause mt slowass can spread it Open for CX 1N v Public Charge Aff.docx
  4. Do you still use medical screenings? Do you use Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump in your plan in any way, shape, or form? Ill have 1 N up soon
  5. CX What do you mean by "reduce its public charge restrictions"? Do you stand by the enitrety of your 1AC? Does your plan account for queer bodies? Who are you actors and how do each of them get your plan done? Ill have follow ups
  6. Ill have neg up soon :3 had to go judge at an event recently
  7. Anthony :3

    Debate Sign Ups

    im down to go neg against u ?
  8. Anthony :3

    Politics DA

    God why did they make Midterms part of our Novice/Jv Packet xD
  9. Anthony :3

    Getting started with Baudrillard

    Hmmmmmm I recommend before getting into his lit just reading on what he means when he says words. What I mean by that is that this man can tell you one thing that is so nuanced that your brain will hurt for hours so just try to grasp what he means by Simulacra and his various terms he constantly refers back to. If you have read up like a good boi on Nietszce then you should be able to not lose ur mind in confusion because Baudrillard is just as confusing.
  10. Anthony :3

    RIP Deleuze

    Thank you for such a good read. I really slack off when it comes to reading the background of these philosophers but this is a really good read.
  11. Anthony :3

    Neolib and Dedev?

    What I really feel would be beautiful is running Dedev with Exodus Alt :0.
  12. Anthony :3

    Debate Schools by State

    Interesting,very interesting. I will keep this in mind ?
  13. Anthony :3

    Debate Schools by State

    Okay so I am a little troll and wanna start a nice little discussion that isn't gonna cause any fighting... ? Which states breeds the best debaters (College) go at it ?
  14. Anthony :3

    Immigration - chsdebater5(aff) vs. ZidaoW(Neg)

    I can be third judge :3

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