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Everything posted by Anthony :3

  1. Anthony :3

    Baudrillard help

    So there is this scene in an Idol Horror anime where a girl who was an idol is no longer seen as herself but as her stagemask named Mima and she goes to her room but relazies its not her room and her idol counterpart Rumi wants to be the new Mima after Mima resigns from being a idol. The scene pans out where Rumi is in Mima’s outfit and Mima is in normal clothes and Mima is visable disturbed and she is faced by Mima (but in a refelction you see Rumi) its a 7 mins scene i wanna use for preformance cause it symbolizes the simulation becoming the new “real” and I need to know how yall would run Preformance Baudrillard.
  2. Anthony :3

    Baudrillard help

    Warning kinda graphic
  3. Anthony :3

    LGBT In Debate

    I have fallen in love with debate because of all the loving people here and noticed that the LGBT community in LAMDL has thrived. How is LGBT in in your guys' (plz dont roast me for using this word is swear to the Lord I meant it gender-neutral) circuit?
  4. AYYYYYY GOOD SHHIT HELL YES that is like getting immortalized (until that card is no longer meta) in debate culture
  5. Anthony :3

    2019-2020 Topic Slate

    Probs a nice Cap K Afff xD
  6. Anthony :3

    Politics DA

    Rip all Case debaters lol that was such an annoying DA
  7. Anthony :3

    Debate Twitch Channel

    So you know what would be sick: Live Debates You know what would be sicker: An audience for that debate You know what would be the sickest: VODs of these debates and the ability to hold a tournament using Twitch and maybe Discord or TeamSpeak Thoughts??
  8. Anthony :3

    Debate Twitch Channel

    Soooo WE(collective site) can pioneer something and leave a mark (hopefully) on debate culture :3
  9. Anthony :3


    I use Black’s Law Dictionary or I look up stuff from lawyers :3
  10. Anthony :3

    Politics DA

    https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-farmbill/house-approves-farm-bill-without-tightened-food-stamps-criteria-idUSKBN1OB2W2 GOD LOVES US OML YES FARM BILL IS FINNALY DEAD YESS I CAN SLEEP WELL
  11. Anthony :3

    Post-Lost grief

    Soooooooo what do ya'll do when you lose and how do you cope. I just use that round and tournament as a learning tool and realize I could have done alot better, but after critiques I know how to come back stronger.
  12. Anthony :3

    Bifo Aff + Kritik

    God this is so quality that I am so damn happy with this buy. This file so so worth and will last me so well
  13. I need this badly plz ill give ya a fresh K Aff
  14. Anthony :3

    Policy Making good

    Perferably somthing that jives with Cap K and says piss off to KAffs
  15. Anthony :3

    Neg Ground?

    Its a K aff and I havent seen it much but I know that it is a 'Pre- Req Arg" sooo i think cp is not a choice unless u can win that it isnt a pre req
  16. Anthony :3

    Neg Ground?

    Im suprised no one has picked up a Mestiza Con. K Aff cause that is a slap to the face to alot of CPs
  17. Anthony :3

    Neg Ground?

    EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Args like that make me just wanna resign and call it a Bye if im aff xD
  18. Anthony :3

    Neg Ground?

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Finnaly these policy debaters will come over to the land of no return (K Land :D)
  19. Anthony :3

    Politics News Feeds

    I think having it clog shouldn't really be the issue, but having the news there indefinatly is really a plus and I think it is cool how it is
  20. Anthony :3

    What the Hecky is an Academy DA

    Soooooo I went over an RFD I had and it recommended I run an Academy DA for starters I do not know what that is nor where I can find it cause it wasn't on open evidence, Can you help a sister out ;-;
  21. Anthony :3

    Open Borders Cap Link

  22. Anthony :3

    What the Hecky is an Academy DA

  23. Anthony :3

    What the Hecky is an Academy DA

    Ohhh okay Do you know the authors first names to make it easier
  24. Anthony :3

    What the Hecky is an Academy DA

    Do you know where I can find cards or evidence

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