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  1. Anyone wanna debate on the CX topic (I’d prefer to go neg), or possibly any of the LD topics (I’m fine with either side)
  2. They had some stuff that intervened with their ability to do the debate, they should be able to be back soon to my understanding, they said 3-4 days on like Sunday EDIT: Sorry for a lack of clarification on that
  3. As I said, Jacob Hegna is a god
  4. Well with the finals in tact, here’s a few thoughts 1. 9 minutes of T in quarters by Kansas is a power move like no other and Jacob Hegna is a god 2. Kentucky is gonna win v Georgia, and the panel is set up for them
  5. Where in the Grande evidence does it say that insolvency is necessary to resolve instances of settler colonialism? What's insolvency, and how does it stop the state from forcing indigenous folk off their lands at gun point? Where in any of your aff does any of your evidence say that the resolution re-inscribes the semiotic capitalism that Bifo critiques? Why is the ballot and the debate space key for aff solvency? If indigenous violence matters, why can't we just end the round right now and have a forum of discussion? What's the specific impact of the aff?
  6. Ok, I’m back and ready for action. Anyone down to go aff on the immigration topic? I’m flex so if you want a specific type of debate I can happily provide it Or, if you’re really spicy, want to debate the March/April LD topic, I’m flex for sides and style
  7. I think the alternative depends on the aff, personally for me I think that the Dean and Mertz alt is hella strategic
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