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  1. ok but the problem here is that t-usfg is the single most overpowered argument in the history of arguments
  2. i would say that's why being a 2n is the best but it's really not because this topic is a disaster zone
  3. untrue i spent 7 weeks of my summer learning the k and now i just go for parole cp it's just that op
  4. I agree on all counts. I think that the nukes topic could be super cool (if not something of a rehash of the college topic), but I also think it would be (I would say hilariously, but I'm a 2N) massive and impossible to research. Which means I'm in the "dear god please let arms sales win" camp.
  5. neg ground wya No, really. I know people think 2Ns are making a big deal out of this, and that there "is no topic bias", but the only reason for that is because we've defaulted to too-many-condo and fiating out of every solvency deficit. Anyone got any thoughts?
  6. I'm a fascist now I haven't even read Baudrillard this year ?
  7. Looks like I’m kind of late to the party, but oh well. I’m a junior at Marquette in Wisconsin, and I enjoy debate. It’s functionally all I do, other than being a mediocre student, and debating in college sounds like it would be the best damn thing since sliced bread. Maybe not the best comparison, but I digress. I’m a 1A/2N, and this is my 3rd year debating. I still don’t think I’m great, but apparently the world around me disagrees because we managed to snatch a bid at Iowa Valley (and then lose to T in finals, big sad). Honestly, I just want to keep debating so I can keep learning more and more.
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