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  1. I have g-lang K/theory (idk if that interests you)
  2. I mean the title already says it all but thanks to Supreme Leader Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump and multiple other policy bois, disadvantages have gone down the drain and I was wondering if any of them are still alive or have uniqueness per say. Thanks!
  3. I can be neg if you down to start one.
  4. Thanks everyone!
  5. Anyone down? I can be neg, just someone please teach me how to actually get a word count
  6. Could you explain the Courts CP for me please, if you don't mind?
  7. With last year's most strategic counterplan being the 50 States CP, this year's is still a mystery to me. I've been across the Canada eh CP but I'm not sure if that one is a good bet and I've used a couple of Advantage CP's as well, though I'm curious about which CP would be the most strategic for this year's topic.
  8. I sort of get the idea of the base da, but it still kind of confuses me, can anyone explain it to me in latent terms? Just like what is it saying and what is this base that it refers to (supporters, republican base, etc.)?
  9. I can judge too if y'all want as well. I'm pretty tab and i'll listen to anything. Hmu if you have any specific questions.
  10. Any opinion on which camps's base da (including backfiles, a2's, etc) is best?
  11. Hey my name is Gustavo. I started doing speech since eight frade but then I jumped to debate in high school. I am a senior right now and as a novice I was in LD but then I switched to Policy/CX debate after that. I study at a kind of small school on the southeast of Houston. I joined debate because I intend to go to Law School in the future and I was told that Debate would get me a feel for Law. I've always been the second speaker except for this year, which I am now the 2A/1N. I would love to debate in college because it would be an opportunity to do something academic and I'd get to meet some pretty cool people. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message.
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