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  1. Daveed

    Politics DA

    What internal link cards have you been reading? No ev I have seen says that: A. Miller will seek more power if Congress ignores him. B. Miller's influence on foreign policy is bad. C. Miller will have legitimacy in foreign policy. D. Miller won't just try harder to be an mudwink on immigration if his agenda is undermined.
  2. Daveed

    Best Camp Base DA

    As is normal, Michigan's file seems to be the best. Cut your own cards too though.
  3. Daveed

    Politics DA

    Don't see why everyone suddenly stopped reading the Base DA. I think that, alongside Farm Bill regaining uniqueness will be viable for the rest of the first semester. Also, please not the Miller DA. It's just flat out terrible.
  4. Daveed

    Debate Sign Ups

    I'll negate the immigration topic.

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Recent Profile Visitors

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