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  1. alright I'm back and I'm willing to debate on aff or neg (I want to finish one tho none of those given up on debates I've seen on here)
  2. I'm down to do another policy round I can go aff or neg I'm just trying to get better at Ks
  3. How does exodus solve for cap ? Will cap exist post alt? What form of government will exist post alt? Communist,socialist, or is it straight up anarchy ? Post alt How will disabled folks get what they need to live ? I.e medicine, wheelchairs, and other forms of assistance Wait under your framing what offense do I get ? That'll be all Im ready for the 1nr
  4. here is the 2ac im open for CX my word count isn't working but I eyeballed it and it should be fine. 2ac Vdebate.docx
  5. 1. is the government always bad for disabled folks ? 2. does the alt lead to a communist state or no state at all ? 3. post alt will public charge exist ? ill have the 2ac up by tomorrow
  6. CX: 1. is exodus a political strategy ? 2. is capitalism the root cause of ableism ? 3. how does the alt combat ableism ? 4. should all legal solution be rejected ? they will be some follow ups
  7. Why does t r u m p turn into Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump ?
  8. CP text we use: The federal judiciary should invalidate < restrictions on legal immigration > citing that the political question doctrine does not bar the justiciability of immigration cases so basically the courts does the plan but you probably knew that already. the CP revolves around the political question doctrine, which allow courts to reject hearings from immigrants who seek political help because it is politically charged in the status quo, i.e. Immigration controversy around Supreme Leader Donald J. Trump the CP rejects this notion that prevents help to be given to immigrants. for example
  9. you can't go wrong with the Canada eh CP as long as you are able to beat the perm and as long as they don't read any U.S specific advantages. Me and my partner run Parole CP and Courts CP a lot we normally end up going with the courts CP at the 2nr if we don't go for the K lol
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