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  1. There definitely str8 anarchy alts like newman that have some form of solving for cap, but each of those alts identifies fluid power as the substructure of capital, kind of killing the point of running cap. A couple Marxist-Anarchists existed in the Romantic period, but that died off real quick. Most cap alts identify some form of collective resistance which would contradict the fundamental assumptions of an anarcho-capital alternative.
  2. Can I restart it? I committed to Chic a couple days ago...
  3. Read/understand the following: Nietzsche Bataille McLuhan (not key but if you have time) Barthes (really important) Then read Bifo's critique of Baudrillard. Bifo is much clearer and uses references that our age group can understand. Then read Pawlett's "Against Banality" I can email the pdf if you want because its not free anywhere. Then maybe read Sim and Sim or other actual Baudy literature.
  4. Kedar Pandya


    Biopolitics - fallacious term Biopower - the injection of power dynamics within the biological processes of society. i.e. healthcare is a really wierd form of biopower. Necropolitics - politics of death, i.e. that one Comarroff and Commarroff card
  5. Calling all UIL debaters.... The USFG through a number of actions has absolutely NUQ'ed DA ground. That's tuff.
  6. Who is making that switch my dude? Also probably because the critical literature on immigration is limited to what US authors have to say about it. On the other hand, a lot of soft-left affs seem to be popping up on the circuit.
  7. Probably redefines alot of meta-paradigms. You kind of have to vote off of the probability of Universe Reincarnation being possible before determining impact sizes and scenarios. On the other hand, we could weigh system impacts like "destruction of alterity," or SV much clearer as they would only be exacerbated by aff action. Lots of literature on this coming from Hindu commentary on reincarnation, which has a much more analytical form of derivation rather than scientific proof.
  8. Debatevision.com has the GOD-TIER Deleuze lecture by Zagorin. Also has some CEDA/NDT rounds.
  9. Hi! I'm a debater with absolutely no qualifications that would seem impressive. I did CX for two years then transitioned into LD because my partner graduated. Quarters at UIL state in CX, TFA Qualled, and broke at two bids in LD. I'm hoping that I can get to the TOC in my senior year, (although its extremely unlikely.) I go to a school in suburban Southwest Houston that hasn't had a successful debate program in a decade. I've been to UTNIF once, I also attended the DDC. I know my list of achievements is essentially null, but debate has lead to a number of opportunities that I would not have been able to take part in had I not rooted myself in the activity. I am about to publish a collection of short stories and prose based on my interaction with different philosophers and writers in debate, I am currently building a store that will compile and produce merchandise for debate and a number of other extracurricular activities. Debate has also influenced my choice of major in college. I like to be the most creative person in the room. To that ideal, I read Baudrillard, Deleuze, Wilderson, varied interpretations of tricky Eastern Phil, Speculative Realism arguments, and Cap.
  10. Great Article! Does going to a T14 law school increase the chance of receiving a job in BigLaw? If so, is there anything that really builds a good application for such a law school besides meeting the top 25% of GPA's and LSAT scores of the most recent entering class?
  11. Also most authors haven't addressed the fundamental question of what to do about Tiger and Dragon Capitalism. Academics are still glued to the revolutionary politics that can take place in the West, and have decried the East as hopeless although it seems as if in the next 50 years a global revolution can only originate in India or China. That revolution must speak to a burgeoning middle class, rather than the hyper-povertized or the aristocratic rich.
  12. Sam please return to your local high school to receive a comprehensive course in English grammar and sentence structure. On the question of Cap Alternatives- Anything Operaismo - i.e. Virno, Williams and Srnicek, UBI + no more work, defection, exodus, multitudes, etc.... Also big fan of the "Party" Alternative from Jodi Dean. I feel like the UQ for such arguments has drastically increased in the last twenty years. The semiotics arguments have been so static in their questioning of capitalism that they have essentially been coopted. On the other hand, revolutionary politics can now take place in the West because of the decentralization of academia and the connectivity of the blogosphere and other forms of online communication. People don't need to work at ____ _____ University to become revolutionaries.
  13. what you need to win to win the entire K a) a link as an impact turn b) that the alternative solves for the world the aff creates (The net benefit to the K is that the world the aff creates is bad) c) fwk - win that your view of how we should evaluate the world is more educational/more fair/a pre-req to either/has another prefiat net benefit (i.e. reading Nietzche makes people happy because they can stop being so anxious) or be a trickster (if anybody gets the joke lol) - win a relational thesis - just win that the aff is bad because of the link, i.e. the aff is settler colonialism at its finest. Then prove an impact turn. The nuance to this is that you need a very specific link to the aff, those LOO's won't work because they don't have spec reasons why doing the aff is harmful. - win framework only - if you can derive offense from fwk then ofc just uplayer from substance and win that red pedagogy > aff
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