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  1. Reasons i don't like Peterson his self help book is wack punchable face would definitely misgender me even after i gave pronouns, probably on purpose too other bad right wing opinions he has kermit voice Reasons i don't like zizek Lacan tankie really placid takes Lacan + tankie = person who i really don't like complains about "idpol"
  2. Overpop is still solid Nativist Backlash Overheating Basically don't run politics
  3. I mean Shapiro and Peterson are horrible, like first up on the wall horrible, but just vote against them maybe instead disqualifying now people are gonna whine about "sjws ruining debate" or whatever which as a K debater that does that style on principle, really doesn't sound fun
  4. Im in Chicago, so im not sure if debate is just welcoming space, or if more academic spaces in the city tend to bring in more welcoming people
  5. Ok so im trying to modify this Blood Quantum aff, and im considering doing a preformative revolutionary fiat along with some microptx framing and extinction reps bad cards But apparently a lot of the pfr cards are from some judith butler text, and im really inexperienced at figuring out what parts of a book to cut cards from would anyone happen to have these cards lying around?
  6. honestly i liked last year's rez more than this year, i wish they were switched around that way my second year would the under the education topic i would have gotten way more opportunities to do cool stuff arms deals sounds no fun for me how can i do K affs or Ks in general What cps will there be? guess i should look for Consult cps bad stuff
  7. MLs don't have good methods gotta get that anarchy also ew Lacanian anaylisis how Oepdial
  8. Y E S i want to make some K affs and theory, but i don't have much time to work on it help would be great perhaps a discord server with it's own google drive would work
  9. maybe dedev with a civ K you can say that those two arguments are different ideological approachs to the same issues then say thats more real world i guess?
  10. Nuke rez me: Metal Gear Preformance aff "standing on the edge of the crater like the prophets once said." also Death Good core
  11. more anarchy alts would be neat like maybe i could use my completely coincidental knowledge of anarchist literature to my advantage is it obvious that it's not a coincidence
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