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  1. NickDB8

    Most Strategic Counterplans

    its his proper title
  2. NickDB8

    Politics DA

    Court politics DAs might have a different angle post-Kav, not sure how applicable that is to the HS topic though.
  3. NickDB8

    Debate Schools by State

    Can confirm. The amount of Kansas teams that are successful on the national circuit (see: BVSW, Kapaun, Lansing, etc.) says something.
  4. NickDB8

    The Most Experienced Policy Judges

    like the rap group
  5. NickDB8

    2019-2020 Topic Slate

    okay, hear me out: nate silver... but... for topic results
  6. NickDB8

    2019-2020 Topic Slate

    Seems oddly similar to the college topic - A few planks of this year's rez, at least
  7. NickDB8


    I'm all for a discord tbh
  8. NickDB8


    This could be an idea. Especially if an admin did analytics re: usage of the website chat.
  9. NickDB8

    Baby #2: Electric Boogaloo

  10. NickDB8


    Uh oh.
  11. NickDB8

    Debate Sign Ups

    Can go either side on the college topic
  12. NickDB8


    On another note, what impact do yall think Kavanaugh has on politics DAs? Midterms? PC DAs? Could there be an independent Kavanaugh DA for either the HS or college topic?
  13. According to him, probably. Is his method for doing it good? Probably not.
  14. NickDB8

    New Gmail Appearance

  15. NickDB8

    Debate Sign Ups

    I'm also here, I think I was supposed to judge on the cross-x thread, but I can do it here if we get a third

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