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  1. Alex sounds like quite the future debater.
  2. Hey would it be possible to have a seperate account for posting "politics news!"?  I'm interested in following your regular, human posts, but not those

    1. ColinD


      Oooooh, I didn't consider my account spamming notifications via rss feed posts. I'll resolve that shortly.

    2. ColinD


      Modified it to be posted by a generic admin account!

  3. hell yeah, thanks for the article!
  4. hey @ColinDwhen's the next article? I've really enjoyed these!
  5. yeah but they'll have kritiky judges and lab leaders, all the ones you'll want
  6. I don't think so? I'm pretty sure UT debate is full of k hacks, like shanahan
  7. yeah but do you need to spend the entire summer at camp when you could be improving your craft with what you learned at camp the rest of the summer?
  8. how would you rank all the power states?, eg texas, ga, cali, ny, il would probably be some tier 1, tier 2 would be like ok, mo, la, wy, ia?
  9. cool, any plans to debate in college? @ColinDseems like a chill coach
  10. I have a kritik of the word 'problematic', if you're interested in trading.
  11. \why did you choose morrocco?
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