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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Generic ASPEC file. Super short 1nc shell, so at the minimum it's a big time trade off for the aff, but includes an overview and core blocks to turn this time suck into a neg ballot.


  2. Version 1.0.0


    Straightforward conditionality good and bad file. Highly used with plenty of success at the collegiate level. Be prepared to win more theory debates on the aff than you should with 1ar and 2ar overviews that cover extensions of most of your offense and decked out 1ar blocks. The neg side is smaller but gets what you need for the typical conditionality debate. Table of Contents ***Condo Bad/Good*** 1 Condo Bad 1 Shell and Overviews 1 2AC Shell 1 1AR- Overview 1 2AR- Overview 1 1AR Blocks 1 AT: 1AC checks SQ 1 AT: Aff side bias 1 AT: Unconditional worse 1 AT: Stick us with the CP 1 AT: Time skew inevitable 1 AT: CPs = opportunity costs 1 AT: Dispo = Conditionality 1 AT: Perms check 1 AT: Key to neg strat 1 AT: Negation theory 1 AT: No in round abuse 1 AT: All args conditional 1 AT: Time pressure good 1 AT: Err negative 1 AT: Only one conditional counterplan 1 AT:  Adhoc theories 1 AT: Topicality first 1 AT: Plan focus 1 AT: 2AC strategy 1 AT: Key to kritiks 1 AT: Best policy option 1 AT: More real world 1 AT: Potential abuse =/= a voter 1 Condo Good 1 2NC- Condo 1 2NR Overview 1 A2: Skew 1 A2: Depth 1 A2: CP and K bad 1 A2: 1 Condo 1 A2: Dispo 1 A2: K Condo 1


  3. Welcome to Policydb8. We're happy for you to join us and participate in the Policydb8 online community.

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