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  1. DevilManGundam

    How bad is this topic?

    still can't say im a fan tbh
  2. DevilManGundam

    RIP Deleuze

    23 years ago today, Gilles Deleuze passed away. Read some of his work. feel the immanence of a world without him, and think about his work without him https://cengizerdem.wordpress.com/2009/12/01/ill-have-to-wander-all-alone-jacques-derrida/?fbclid=IwAR1ZNpdf7QwUad41MdyHWowL-_ytDhXlOoRmoj2QOxK9CIGFmm85moreZVQ
  3. DevilManGundam

    Policy Debate and Graduate Research

    this is a great article, we should keep encouraging more stem folks to do policy!
  4. DevilManGundam

    "the Speech" - Scott Deatherage

    big fav, big motivator to do coaching stuffs
  5. DevilManGundam

    How to flow 1 Off (Blank) K

    I don't really remember how I flowed as a debater all that well, but when there's no clear organization or I'm told to flow on one sheet of paper, I just flow speeches straight down in a column, draw a box around each separate argument and in prep/post-round when I'm evaluating arguments I'll generally write up a chart of which arguments I think each team won or lost and reference the straightdown flow to make sure warrants/impacts actually appeared.
  6. We need an assistant coach for our squad up here in sunny Rochester, NY. We strongly prefer someone to work in person , but we are currently looking into our options for a part-time/satellite coach. No work experienced required, as long as you are someone that has been subjected to the world of policy debate. Please email bfletche@sports.rochester.edu for further information
  7. Welcome to Policydb8. We're happy for you to join us and participate in the Policydb8 online community.

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    Jefferson O Yahom
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    University of Rochester
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    Debate Coach

The recent visitors block is disabled and is not being shown to other users.


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