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  1. think they are filled out online through tabroom but im not sure
  2. ya i think base da is pretty dope
  3. yes , but would you say its better to do survivors or do skillz + TOPR in the summer
  4. ive heard UT has kinda gone down in terms of competition in camp tournaments.
  5. i feel like for good k debaters , you should have fleshed out framework blocks
  6. i feel like the streek card is often used to prove uq on many cap debates
  7. is georgetown more K friendly than say UTNIF @chsdebater5
  8. tbh , travis hits the spot before round
  9. whodo yall listen to before going to round ?
  10. i know a lot of people running , e-verify
  11. Maybe not my favorite alt , but dialectal materialism on the china topic was certainly dope.
  12. i believe this alt was wisely used in multiple camps this summer as well.
  13. With the midterms DA dead , its time to look ahead in terms of politics. What ptc das are still going strong ?
  14. who are the best cap debaters on the college and high school circuits currently ?
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