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Found 13 results

  1. So, if you haven't listened to the latest episode of the debatercast you totally should. It's a really fascinating interview and Jeffrey Lewis is just the best. But I've been thinking about a part of the interview a lot since then. In the discussion Jeffrey Lewis is broadly negative towards politics disads and then discusses the winners win Norm Ornstein card, and mentions that Ornstein no longer believes that argument to be true. If that's correct, is it okay to keep reading the Ornstein card? My original thought was "of course" and that what the debater is defending is the argument (claim-warrant-impact) in the card and not the author. BUT that begs the question as to why read the card then? If the argument in it is good on its own merits the structure of the card is unnecessary _except_ if the debater is trying to add extra weight to the argument by using the authority of an expert's opinion. If that's true, and it's also known that the author now no longer believes in that argument, then reading for card from that author seems disingenuous at best and outright dishonest at worst. I think this would be an interesting discussion, and I'm curious what the rest of the community thinks about this.
  2. Hello and welcome to Daily Card, This is a cooperative project designed to provide free evidence to the debate community on a daily basis. The goal of this project is to increase communal evidence production and decrease resource inequalities between schools. The evidence will be continually compiled. The most recent file will have all the evidence cut so far unless a new file is created for file size reasons. Contribution is not necessary to use the resources that we have available. At the end of each day, I will post a new file version containing all evidence submitted to me that day. Thus, if you would like for your evidence to be added to the project, simply message it to this account. I would like to limit the project to one card/block per person per day to avoid evidence dumping. Evidence should be carefully and ethically prepared and as new as possible. Love, Snowball
  3. Version 11-20-18


    Daily Card


  4. A tournament of impact cards to determine which is the absolute best of all time in debate. How it will work: - In this thread, members post the card they would like to nominate. The nomination period will end on Thursday at 4 pm. Each member may submit a maximum of 2 cards. Post a justification along with the card. - Cards will be seeded by the amount of positive rep given to its posting in this thread into a single elimination bracket. - Each round will be open to voting for 24 hours. Polls for each round will be posted in the polls forum, which I'll post links for the impacts forum. We will do one full set of rounds a day until we can crown a winner. - Ties go to the lower seed. - The winning card will be posted on the front page. - The user who posted the winning submission will get 150 rep points added and a 15% off coupon for our store. Side action: When we post the bracket, l'll share a link to a challonge bracket for users to fill out. The member with the winning bracket will get 75 rep and a 5% off coupon.
  5. We come down to Robinson 18 v Torres 16 for finals. Bees 15 and Hughes 12 are duking it out for third place. Place your final votes to decide the best impact card!
  6. We have advanced to semifinals! On one side of the bracket we have BEES 15 v Torres 16. On the other we have Hughes 12 v Robinson 18. All of them are abuzz with quality, so make your vote count! Of course, keep up with the predictions on the challonge bracket!
  7. Who will face the bees? (Or Torres I guess)
  9. We kick off our Impact Card Tournament with 7 total nominations, starting us in quarterfinals. The match ups are: #1 Bees gets a BYE #2 Hughes 12 v #7 Royal 10 #3 Robinson 18 v #6 Brooks, Ikenberry, and Wohlforth 13 # 4 Foster 16 v #5 Torres 16
  10. Hey, I was wondering if anyone would like to restart Daily Card here on Policydb8. Snowball did an amazing job of it on Cross-X and I'm hoping that his legacy can be continued here with cards for both the HS and College topics. If you're interested in pitching in, please PM me.
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